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Cubicle Curtains 

Also known as Privacy Curtains, these mainstays of healthcare facilities have long been a specialty of Drapery Industries. For more than 40 years, hospitals, nursing homes and doctors’ offices have relied on our expertise in crafting curtains that serve both function and fashion.

Our Cubicle Curtains are available in a range of prices
and styles, and in hundreds of colors and patterns - including elegant woven fabrics. Ask about our framed mesh tops, crafted to look great and withstand many years of use.

Cubicle Curtain Features

  • Durable, double needle construction
  • Eco Intelligent fabrics for LEED certified projects
  • Inherently flame retardant fabrics – cannot be washed out
  • Sewn-in corner weights assure proper draping
  • Withstands laundering to 160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Antimicrobial finishes available

New! Drapery Industries Introduces the 
SnapCubicleTM System
The SnapCubicle™ system manufactured by Drapery Industries is constructed as a two part curtain with a mesh heading and fabric panel that are joined together with a snapping system. This makes changing patient room curtains quick & easy. It’s a “Snap”! View demonstration video below. Learn more

Learn more about our Cubicle Curtains:

Our curtains are made with durable inherently flame retardant fabrics. This flame retardancy is permanent and can never be washed- out. Our curtains can be laundered up to 160 degrees and are designed to last for years. We use quality  features like double needle construction and sew corner weights into all seams and corners for proper draping.


Cubicle Curtains


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