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Drapery Industries Warranty

Drapery Industries Warranty

As we know, a warranty is only as good as the company that provides it. With this in mind, we have worked to provide a blanket warranty for all of our products and services that is easy to understand and represents genuine value for our customers. Therefore, Drapery Industries warrants all of our products and services, including installations, to be free from defects for a period of at least* one year from the date of purchase. Products or services found to be defective under normal use during this warranty period will be repaired or replaced by Drapery Industries without charge to the customer.

*Some of our products are made with components that have longer warranty periods covered by the component manufacturers. It is important to know that these warranties are against manufacturers defects and do not include the labor to replace the part or the shipping charges.

We strive to make our products to the highest quality standards and from components that can be repaired or replaced easily. As noted, we will service our products for free during the warranty period, and this service is also available for a fee after the warranty period ends.





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