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Solar Weave Shades

Our custom Solar Weave Shades are the innovative, contemporary way to reduce interior glare, control heat and tame the fading effects of UV light – all while preserving your view of the great outdoors. Choose from a wide range of weave openness factors, colors and patterns. Drapery Industries can create the right combination to perfectly
fit your space’s design aesthetic and sun control needs.

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Solar Weave Benefits

Durable and easy to maintain.
Our bi-directional clutch lets you
easily raise or lower shades to the
exact position you want.

Virtually limitless options.
Ask about the wide range of motorization and control capabilities available.

Flexible choices.
To cut glare select a 1% to 3%
weave. Let in more of the outside
view with a 5% to 14% weave. And for total light control, choose
blackout Solar Weave Shades.

Environmentally sound.
A smart choice for green buildings, Solar Weave Shades can provide LEED certification points for new construction and renovation projects.


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