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A beautiful room begins with beautiful fabric. For elegant window treatments with almost unlimited choices in color and texture, look no further than classic draperies. Our close working relationships with leading domestic and international fabric mills allow us to offer you an unparalleled selection.

When your plans call for creating a welcoming feeling of warmth and comfort, you can rely on our custom draperies to create the perfect look for private rooms as well as public spaces.

Traditional Pinch Pleat or Snap Pleat Drapery Systems
Pinch pleated draperies are still the most popular, while snap pleat systems such as Ripplefold and Accordiafold are easy to take down and re-hang, making them the perfect choice for healthcare settings where frequent cleaning is a requirement.

Pinch Pleated Drapery Drawings and
CSI Specifications (Word Doc)

Ripplefold Drapery Drawings and
CSI Specifications (Word Doc)

Accordiafold Drapery Drawings and
CSI Specifications (Word Doc)

Baton Draw Drapery System
The baton draw system can be used on any heading and offers a durable, easy to use control.

Baton Draw Drapery Drawing

Please email us or call 585-232-2080 for more information regarding draperies


Drapery Options

Flame retardant fabrics.
Our fabrics meet rigorous industry standards for safety. (They will pass NFPA 701)

High insulating factor.
The comparatively high insulation value of fabric draperies enhances both the look and feel of any
interior space.

Modern snap pleat systems.
No pins make our draperies a breeze to remove and re-hang. Snap pleats are ideal for settings where frequent cleaning is a requirement.

Track system choices.
Our wide selection of track systems includes both cord and baton-operated draperies.


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